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Hello. Shalom. Bonjour. Ciao, Guten Tag, Ni hao, Hola

My name is Danielle. I have been into spanking for a few years now.



I’m a bit lax in updating this website. Tsk tsk!
In a previous life I used to run the successful website / blog http://www.spankdanielle.co.uk. One day, in the not too distant future, when I feel like blogging again I will resurrect it so I can tell the world the tales of my spanking fun and every day annoyances.
Sometimes I get a bi distracted and do not update this website as often as I should. You can spank me for this!

Here is all you need to know about me:
“I like my coffee black just like my metal”.


I run the Stinging Tails Spanking Parties. I have been doing this since 2013, time flies when you are having fun!

I was into spanking for a few years before I began running my own parties.
In 2016 I expanded into running parties in Bristol as there are currently no other commercial spanking parties there. In 2017 we will be holding our first spanking parties in Waltham Cross at the Whipstock Grange School Room, which is ran by my friend John and is where I filmed some of my first spanking videos.
Loves Loves Loves
I live my life by the mantra that all good things begin with the letter C:

Coronation Street
Cecily Von Ziegesar {author}
Conservative Party
Camden town
Costa Rica 2016
Conspiracy Theories
Cava o’clock
Chinese food

I love Israel

I love my three beautiful cats. King Arthur Hunt, King Alfie Hunt, Queen Mary Hunt.

I genuinely think I will be part of The 27 club

I have a very small set of exceptionally special friends who I adore.
I am mixed race. All of my maternal ancestors are Jewish, and from going back generations are from Red Rose Land (Lancashire and Manchester). A lot of my family have been in the military. My great-grandfather was in WW1. My Grandfather was in WW2 and the IDF {Israeli Defence Forces} and helped create the State of Israel in 1948.
My father’s family are from a British-owned colony in the Caribbean called Montserrat which is near Antigua. I don’t like volcanoes, so I have no plans to go!
The world would be a much better place if everyone was like Fraser Krane.

I do spanking sessions in these cities

If I could choose a way to die, it would be a spicy food related heart attack.
Things I am looking forward to in the next year:
Article 50
Sardinia, Italy 2017
Rhodes, Greece 2017
Netherlands 2017
Mexico 2017
Chile 2017
Mauritius 2018
Canada 2018
Iran 2018

In my spare time I particularly enjoy reading. I have lots of books at home, and read on average two books a week. I like both fiction and non-fiction, and I particularly enjoy thriller / mystery / true crime / crime fiction / autobiographies / biographies / modern history / interior design / life in communist countries.
I read true crimes to get inspiration and to give me ideas. I would highly recommend Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, C. L. Taylor, Paula Daly for crime fiction authors.
The best autobiography I have read is “There’s something I’ve been dying to tell you’ by the late great Lynda Bellingham {Oxo Mom}.
I’m an only child. All my family are deceased. I do not want children. I’m very happy with my cats, they agree with everything I say.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the film Goodfellas. I have watched it about 1000 times and it never gets old. I enjoy quoting Goodfellas.
“Now go home and get your fucking shine box”
“I gonna go get the papers get the papers”
“He’s a Goodfella, he’s one of us….”
“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”
“What do you mean funny? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?”
“Whenever we needed money, we’d rob the airport”
“You’d be late to your own fucking funeral”
I also like Virgin Suicides, Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver, Zodiac, End of Watch, Casino, Wolf of Wall Street.
I like getting drunk on brightly coloured cocktails and prosecco and dancing like no one’s watching.
I HATE it when people name their children silly names. If you name your child Apple, North West, Saint West, Blue Ivy, Rocket, Ebba, Cruz etc then you are quite stupid.
About one or twice a month I go to the theatre, not just in London. Even though I live near Stratford Upon Avon, I am not overly keen on Shakespeare.
The best plays I have seen: Strangers on a Train, An Inspector Calls, Book of Mormon, Get Carter, East is East, Abigail’s Party {Mike Leigh}, and just about EVERTHING by Arthur Miller {think The Crucible, Death of a Salesman etc.} and Tennessee Williams {think The Glass Menagerie} and John Steinbeck {think Of Mice and Men}..
I don’t like musicals, opera or ballet.

I am most proud of raising over £12k in three years for three different charities
My favourite comedians are Frank Skinner {love love love}, Peter Kay and Michael McIntyre.
At home I have over 80 spanking implements, paddles, straps, canes, tawses etc. I also have a spanking bench and a few schooldesks.
Recently I had cosmetic surgery. I wouldn’t rule out having some more.

The most unusual thing about me:
I had a cardiac arrest in 2012 and died for five minutes. I didn’t see any lights or any angels…… I have used up all my nine lives.
I clean my house starkers to loud music.
People I don’t like
Adolf Hitler
Dan Redburns
Anastasia / Sub Ana / Krystal Klass… or whatever godforsaken name she goes by nowadays….
I feel very privileged to have gone to a lot of countries. I like to plan trips and going somewhere makes me very excited.
** = countries I have been spanked in
Costa Rica
Brunei Darussalam
Sri Lanka

I’m a lifelong right winger.

Despite the fact I always seem to be getting spanked for being a naughty school girl, I actually really enjoyed school. My favourite subjects were English, History, Geography, Maths, Politics and Religion. I was a goody goody at school. In a previous life I got a BSC Honours Degree in Economics and Finance…. So let me know if you need you’re your accounts doing!
I have a ‘vanilla’ job in financial management. Yes, I’m being serious.

I have been vegetarian since September 2007. I do not eat fish or meat.

I am extremely accident prone.

If anyone hurt my cats or my friends, I’d ‘do a fifteen stretch’.

I don’t believe in heaven.
I have been in a number of spanking videos over the years, for a lot of spanking websites throughout the world.
I have also been in a number of top shelf magazines worldwide in my birthday suit. I have also had my writing published in a number of hard-copy spanking magazines, such as ITC MAG and GET SPANKED MAGAZINE to name a few. I have also been interviewed by a number of spanking websites such as Spanking Sarah, Chross, MarQe’s Study, ITC MAG, Tim The Tum’s blog.
Best day of my life:
23.06.2016 – Brexit! I canvassed, knocked on doors, gave out leaflets. Thank God it paid off.
I like listening to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, The Strokes, Brand New.

I occasionally appear in porn films and on Babestation TV and Sex Station TV
Brighten up my evenings and give me a call sometime
I seem to have a problem with the stitching on my clothes

If I don’t answer the phone or emails, its because I’m a bit tied up

That’s enough of me, Taxi for Danelle