birthday party 5(Danielle’s Birthday Spanking Party 2017)

I regularly organise spanking parties where I take part and get spanked, as well as going to other peoples.

For up to date information on the spanking parties I organise, and to see upcoming dates, pictures from past parties, and to book a place, please see
Please email or ring 07763 870 589

aug 13

  1. Thursday 18th January 2018.
    Naughty Nurses get disciplined.
    Featuring spankees Chloe and Danielle


  2. Friday 2nd February 2018.
    School girl spanking party.
    Featuring spankees Rebecca, Jessica and Danielle
    m l 25Waltham Cross, North London.

  3. Saturday 24th February 2018.
    School girls in detention
    Featuring spankees TBA
  4. Friday 2nd March 2018.
    French Maid Spanking Party.
    Featuring spankees Josephine, Marta and Danielle
    waltham p 1
  5. Wednesday 11th April 2018.
    Danielle’s Birthday Spanking Party.
    Featuring spankees TBA
    Waltham Cross, North London.

  6. Saturday 14th April 2018
    partysep35Danielle’s Birthday Beating Party
    Featuring spankees TBA

  7. Saturday 12th May 2018
    Femdom Spanking Party
    Featruing dommes TBA